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Sadie Shapiro is the heroine of one of the funniest, warmest novels in years. Sadie is seventy-two years old, or perhaps, seventy-five (she isn't quite sure) and lives in the Mount Eden Senior Citizens Hotel. When she submits 50 of her best knitting patterns to an ailing publishing firm, the course of her life changes. Not only is her book published, but Sadie becomes the peoples' darling, the pure-gold TV talk show guest who knits herself into the fabric of myth. A big-hearted, moving, hilariously irresistible book.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

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Some History About The Book

“You’re writing a novel about an old lady who knits? Are you crazy?”

That’s what my editor told me.

“Write a thriller,” my agent said.

“I hate the idea,” my wife said.

But Sadie Shapiro, that smart, tough, sweet and talented lady jumped up onto my shoulder and said, “Write!” And I did.

What happened?

Sadie Shapiro’s Knitting Book was a Book of the Month Club Alternate Selection, A Readers Digest Condensed Book, the very first fiction selection of the Better Homes & Gardens Book Club. It went around the world and was printed in 15 languages. It was a runaway best-seller in France and Germany.

Now I’ve brought Sadie Shapiro back in a quality paperback edition. People don’t just enjoy Sadie – they love her.

That genius of knitting knows about love and life as well as she touches people in her own special way.

She’s warm, she’s human, she’s unforgettable